Jonathan Daniels Parent Resources

On January 20th the preschool lost one of its beloved teachers.  Joe LaBrecque was a well loved and respected teacher who made a difference in the lives of all who had the pleasure of knowing and working with him. As a reaction to this loss your child may experience a variety of emotions. Some common emotions and behaviors may include: 
  • Fear of separation
  • Crying or sadness at unexpected times
  • Appearing quieter than usual
  • Clinging to caregivers or trusted adults
  • Regressive behaviors (thumb sucking, tantrums, etc..)
It is important to remember that these are normal reactions to experiencing a loss. To help support your child you can:
  • Provide opportunities to express thoughts and feelings about death through activities and drawing
  • Answer questions using concrete descriptions and be prepared to repeatedly answer questions
  • Give brief, simple answers 
  • Express your own grief, it's okay for your child to know you are sad
  • State the reasons for the death as simply as possible and try to avoid language that is difficult to understand (ex: resting in peace)
You will find links to additional resources and helpful information at the below.